The coffee that you are about to drink is an Osmin Turcios signature production. Osmin will be your personal producer and will bring his coffee directly to your cup. You’ll be tasting the fruits of his experience as a coffee producer and will enjoy the aromas of his beans.

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Explore all possible mixes = create your own blend!

*excluding El Griton

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We are reducing our inventory to make room for the 2024 harvest! See the discounted lots!
Lots de Caturra washed SHB (086, 089 and 103 lots): 10%
Caturra Honey SHB (133 lot): 15%
Caturra washed SHG from Sajonia (112 lot): 15%
Sarchimor natural (135 lot): 20%

Our story

Discover our story, our location, production, expertise, values and more! Story

A typical plantation on Nicaragua’s “coffee route,” perched high up in the heart of mountains covered in flourishing rainforests…

Our coffee

Our coffee is the equation of family knowledge, Nicaragua national resource that coffee represents, and Canadian methods and values…


With your order, Osmin will become your private grower in Nicaragua... and you will contribute to marketing a new quality coffee and supporting his local community.
Our beans are picked by hand and come from certified-origin plants, picked from among the best varietals of Arabica, that grow well at elevation and are disease-resistant…


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